Barcelona Fencing Workshop 2018


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Barcelona Fencing Workshop» is the seminar organized simultaneously with «Ciutat de Barcelona» World Cup competition as a meeting and knowledge sharing point for fencing, but also for general sport development.


In the edition of this year, the chosen subject is «Fencing Development Strategies» and we have some of the luxury participants, experts in fields related to the development and marketing of fencing:

• International Fencing Federation Vice-president – Donald Anthony (video presentation)

• Marketing and Communication Manager of the French Fencing Federation – Philippe Fadeau

• Marketing and Communication consultant to British Fencing – Karim Bashir (video presentation)

• Assistant Talent Pathway Manafer for British Fencing – Rob Cawdron

• Marketing and Social Media Consultant of the Italian Fencing Federation – Alessandro Noto

• Communication Manager of the Spanish Fencing Federation – Ignacio Sierra

After the presentations of each of these speakers there will be a round table moderated by José Luis Abajo «Pirri» and Miquel Ojeda.

The presidents of the fencing federations of Sweden, Spain, Italy and Argentina will be present at the debate. The president of the Swedish federation is also responsible for the promotion of the European Confederation of Fencing (EFC).

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